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Welcome to Spring Term in Class Four

Dear Parents

Wishing you all a peaceful and happy Easter break.

I hope the Year 6 revision materials handed out in the last week of term are proving helpful.They are available online through www.satspapers.org.uk, as well as numerous other sides. Electronic versions of thevocabulary lists and 10-for-10 revision materials are uploaded here.

Above all, rest well and give thanks for all our blessings at this most celebrated time of the year, for all faiths.

Best wishes

Miss DP


26th March, 2019

Dear Parents of Year 5 and Year 4 children,

African Adventure Residential, October 16-18th, 2019

Thanks in advance to those of you who are able to attend this afternoon's meeting as we prepare for the Residential next year - African Adventure will be such an exciting opportunity to bond, grow, expand hoizons and launch the new cohort in Class Four for 2019/20!

I have uploaded a PDF of the presentation for those of you who are not able to make it today, and a paper copy will be sent home with yur children.  I know some of you are keen to make sure any questions asked today are shared with others who cannot attend: I will endeavour to be available to any families with particular concerns, and to upload any other relevant information that arises from questions during today's presentation by Josh,one of  African Adventure's key members of staff.

Miss Dickerson and I will be accompanying the chiildren from Sprougthon and remain during the entire Residential, returning with them by coach just in time for the start of the half term holidays. We hope this gives everyone a chance to recharge their batteries.

Payment arrangements (deposits and payment records etc) will also be notified to you in writing today and will thereafter be dealt with by Mrs Chapman and/or Mrs George in the school offce.

More information is available on the African Adventure website which is www.cym.org.uk/africanadventure.

Best wishes

Miss DP


17th March, 2019


Dear Parents,

Class Four has caught the crest of a wave lately, with so many 'over-and-above' experiences and successes which have been shared and enjoyed with parents too! We continue to be massively fortunate with parent involvement, for which we are very grateful; your support makes a huge difference on so many levels.  Just a few are summarised here...

  • educational visits and adult helpers (incudluing being brave and dressing up!)
  • transport to competitions  (an amaing second place for our 'Magnificent Seven' Spelling Bee children!)
  • supporting in class with reading, practical homework and generous provision of resources and materials
  • Parent consutations, where both positive collaboration and a forward thinking approach were the drivers
  • planning for the Summer Production (yes, it is under way! So many kind offers of help already in the pipeline!)
  • veerbal feedback, daily reading, ad hoc helpfulness and positivity generally, plus
  • attendance at pre- and after-school Boosters for Year 6 (so importan, to equip our Y6 children with key skills and expeirence in advance of the upcoming KS2 assessments).

On that last note, we'd like to offer the use of the Staff Room for that inevitable stage of the year when Year 6 parents start to think about, and organise, the Leavers' event. Whatever 'shape' that eventually takes, we as a school are really committed to helping you as parents to make it the best possible 'send-off' for you and for your children as they transition from our Sproughton School family to their High School next step... if any parent would like to take a lead on lead this, please get in touch with me or with Mrs Stalham - we really want to make sure our Leavers and families feel totally supported by us in this.

Thank you very much!

We look forward to so much more active learning, collaborative learning and teamworking this term and next. 

Best wishes

Miss DP

P.S. the Year  6 SATs prep materials are on this page as PDF files, for anyone who wasn't able to attend the recent meeting. Any questions on this, please com and see me.




Dear Parents,

We look forward to welcoming you to our Class Four Sharing Assembly on Monday, and hope you are all enjoying a relaxing break during this much-needed half term week.

As a reminder, the clothes for the children to wear in the Assembly should be:

1. plain black leggings

2. plain white tee shirt (no logo, no polo) - we do have a limited number in the cupboard for those who forget or ane not able to find one

Additionally, workshouse characters should, if possible, have a flat cap or some sort; females e.g. Mrs Carney could have a hat (something female-ish!); and adult male characters could have a tie (e.g. Mr Brownlow, Mr Bumble).

It is very much an improv style Assembly/performance, incorporating a contemporary dance, and we hope you are able to attend.


Best wishes


Miss DP



Happy New Year to all parents and families, and many thanks for your very many kind thoughts and gifts, as well as for returning your children to school this week with such keenness and enthusiasm !

I've attached the homework sheet which many were seeking over the holidays, now that 'technical gremlins' have finished their mince pies are once again keeping the Class Four page in working order.  Don't worry if you haven't handed it in and well done to those who rememebred the discussions/instructions and have therefore handed theirs in.  Either way, we are all enjoying the new Topic of Victorians: Life, Inventions, Railways, Empire.

Attached should be the homework sheet (fingers crossed). If there are issues with handing things in, and more time is needed, please let me know - there is no problem with this at all.

Best wishes

Miss DP.



14th December, 2018

Dear Parents,

1. There is no homework this weekend: Christmas is just around the corner, and I wish you all a wonderful weekend of family time and festive preparations for this special time!

2. Hopefully you have received a Parentmail message asking for any small craft items that you may have to be sent in to add to our Class Four Christmas Craft session on Wednesday - we plan to make 3D paper tree baubles, and paper wreaths.  Items such as shiny buttons, glittery trimmings, colourful paper/foil, off-cuts of ribbon et cetera would be useful.

3. If there is any spare time however, and you wish to fill it with learning (!), then please do encourage your child to make use of their CGP guides and revision packs.

Best wishes

Miss DP


7th December 2018

Dear Parents,

What an incredibly talented group of young people we have in Class 4 - their performances in the Poetry Assembly this week prove how much value there is in reading widely, in collaborating with others and in communicating ideas creatively. I really do hope you enjoyed this annual KS2 event, and look forward to see you in school again very soon.

Meanwhile, this week's homework 'slip' has been uploaded (hopefully!) as well as sent home as a paper copy.  We continue to run Homework Club on a Monday so I would encourage you to direct your children there in the event of difficulties.  Otherwise, please make full use of the CGP guides as a reference point.

We aim to see Year 6 children using the SATs Buster packs independently now - and those of you who bought the extra revision packs should never have a dull moment that can't be merrily filled with SATs revision and further Maths and English study!  And if your child is in the Spelling Bee, there is extra fun to be had in practising tricky words for the competition coming up soon.

Lastly, please do remember to rest this weekend after the hectic Indoor Athletics event, at which our children once gain proved themseslves to be excellent sportsmen and sportswomen, with great determination and super team spirit.

Best wishes

Miss DP.


Dear Parents,

Maths homework this week is a review of the current 'block' (statstics/graphs for Y5, fractions for Y6).  Please do not feel obliged to ensure your child completes ALL the questions - just ensure that they complete as many as you feel is comfortable/acceptable for your child. (I believe Mrs Cronin has put something to this effect on the FB group, and I have tolk the children this too).

The mark scheme is on the back of the sheet, so perhaps one idea would be to 'do' a section then mark it, 'do' the next section, then mark it... Whatever works best for your family.  Some children have already gleefully exclaimed "I want to do them all!", which is fabulous, and there is a worked example at the top of each sheet for guidance so you should be able to 'access all areas', so to speak.

Homework Club is always open on Monday lunchtimes for any issues, and I am available after school for any conversations with me that you think would help access the curriculum as our children navigate the complexities of Upper Key Stage 2!

It was so good to see so many of you here at the Residential Assembly on Thursday, and to see the children so proudly sharing their memories as well as their sense of humour.  I'm investigating how to provide access to the photos: using the website can be onerous so I'll see if there is another way forward. Watch this space.

Lastly, many of you have been asking about the CGP Guides: I believe these have now arrived at school, and Mrs Chapman is kindly arranging to label them before they are issued, to prevent 'lost' conversations!


Bests wishes,


Miss DP



Good evening, Class Four Families!

Hope you are all enjoying a relaxing half term and being able to share fun times together.  A parent has mentioned to me that the Sproughton school website didn't show the homework (again) for which I can only apologise - I can see the text, when I log in, so I can only suspect technical gremlins are at loose again...It's really helpful when you are able to let me know that there is a website problem as only then can I try to put it right.  I do hope you'll all get to hear of the homework in various other ways now, as cof course the Sprougthon School 'family network' works in mysterious and wonderful ways! I had explained the 'make an Anglo Saxon shield' homework to the children in any case, and the timescales are obviously flexible to take into account the residential.

Search engines such as Google and sites such as Youtube have many shield-making options but here are just a few, some of which are more complex and others simpler, depending on resources, time, etc.

Straightforward: http://www.stormthecastle.com/how-to-make-a/how-to-make-cardboard-shields.htm

Deeper knowledge, with design idea: https://www.timetrips.co.uk/anglosaxons.htm

Visual guide, with images and spoken step-by-step guidance :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndTcUJiNz8U

Best wishes, Miss DP






Happy half term to all our families and children! A well-deserved rest is on everyone's agenda, and with that in mind the homework this week is fun, creative and something everyone can get involved with... As discussed in class, please make an Anglo Saxon shield ready for the second week back (obviously we will not be expecting homework to be handed in on the day we return from Manor Lakes!).  Research the design and be ready to present to the rest of the class the details of how it was made and what materials were used.



Thank you to our parent helpers for their time and energy during our wonderful visit to West Stow Anglo Saxon village last Wednesday - a super learning opportunity at a site of such fabulous heritage. The chidlren were exemplary - in their behaviour, their lines of enquiry and the way they whole-heartedly explored their surroundings and the Anglo Saxon legacy all around them.  Photos to follow.


Thank you also, parents of Class Four, for making Tuesday/Thursday appointments to meet, and for being supportive as we begin our Year 5 and Year 6 journeys together. It was, once again, a really meaningful stage in the chilldren's progress and I'm very grateful to all of you who brought their thoughts, questions and positivity to those invaluable ten minutes!

Once again this week the technology meant that your children's homework couldn't be printed however the content had already been discussed with your children and I attach it here. As it's not been given in a timely manner, of course we'll be flexible with the 'hand-in' date.  The Literacy homework this week balances the Maths focus over the past month,and reflects Class Four's recent Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling assessments.  Those of you who have CGP Study guides may want to refer to them for anything complicated (however we did go through it together as a class and modelled the required format for the responses).  As for the R.E. 'extra', of course it wouldn't be reasonable to expect anything by Monday now this is being posted late (apologies for yet more technical hiccups!) - it's just a way forward to bring the children's creative talents into the displays in our Classroom and make our learning environment more personal to them and reflect the many faiths we encounter in our lives today. We will look forward to the faith symbols whenener they are brought in.

Have a super weekend, everybody.

Miss DP



21:46 pm update- Thank you all for your ongoing support for your children's reading and homework as we being our new term...And may I say how lovely it has been to speak so positively with so many parents over the past few weeks, since we lanched Class Four 2018! I look forward to hearing more of your views next week when our school Parent Meetings take place on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Thank you also for those parents who have offered their time and support with our school trip next week, and with our in-school reading; we look forward to the West Stow trip on Wedneday, and if any one else has a few hours to spare we will always welcome more parent readers!

The homework 'slip'for this week (w/e 28.9.18) is attached below because we have had some technical difficulties this week with our printing and 'phone/inernet - your children have all been given their spellings and their maths homework in paper format, and the expectations were explained to them and shared with them on the interactive whiteboard today.  If there are any difficulties, please come and chat with me on Monday; do rememeber also that there is a weekly Homework Club each Monday lunchtime.

Have a super weekend.

Miss DP


Welcome to our Class Four page, and to a brand new year of exciting and fun learning.  We have had such a great start, underpinned by enthusiastic children, supportive parents and a Learning To Learn Contract that helps us all to move forward in our learning.

Click on the PDF file below to see our Curriculum Newsletter. Our Maths, Reading and Writing Targets for Year 5 and Year 6 are above, too.


As always, you may have questions or queries, and I'm pleased to have seen so many of you already coming and catching me beofre or after school - communication is really important and it's great that we can all work as a team for the benefit of the children.


Looking forward to a great year of learning and fun!


Miss Da Piedade



Welcome to Summer Term in Rowlings Class (Class Four)

Maths and Literacy top tips for learning

Times tables online learning


(Remember to log in, and to use the 5-step practise stages before going to the games area!)


Recommended books list for Years 1 - 6 is above (PDF).

Grammar Expectations for KS1 AND KS2

For your information, there is an overview of the Spelling Punctuation and Grammar expectations from Y1 to Y6 aobve (PDF).

More links to follow...



Dates for the DIary

18th September - Meet The Teacher opportunity

2nd, 4th October - Parents Evenings

2nd October - Book Fayre in school all week

3rd October - Trip to West Stow (letter to follow this week)

10th October - Residential Meeting for parents, with Manor Lakes representative attending

29, 30, 31 October - ResdientialTrip


Broomhill Library open evening - tbc


Further dates will be announced in our school newsletter, or added here.


Other news

Our opic of volcanoes is giving us lots of reasons to get excited - from finding out about the different types of rock formed when a volcano erupts, to the discovery of how the history of Pompeii evolved as a result of a dramatic volcanic event.  Children have been drawing maps and identifying where volcanoes are found around the world, and we have watched how geologists explain the reasons for different characteristics of rocks.  This is, however, making it quite tricky to organise our class trip this term because there isn't a great abundance of volcanoes in Suffolk!


We will be worked with EYFS later this term, to collaborate in Science adn leearn together about our Solar System.


In Literacy, the children have written to the new Royal baby, providing their advice on how he can make the best of his future life! They have also written some splendid poems based on the journey of a chimpanzee into space in the Sixties - some amazing language structures were included.  We are really examining how we can improve our punctuation at the moment, too.


In P.E., children are working collaboratively to design an obstacle course - complete with instructions, score sheets and even risk assessments!



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