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School Uniform

School polo shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, book bags, P.E. T-shirts and sun hats  can be   ordered through the school office


The colours for our school are grey, white and navy blue. 

Suggested dress code is:


Top:                White polo shirt (with or without emblem)

                        Navy blue sweatshirt (girls may have cardigan or sweatshirt)


Bottom:           Grey school-style trousers/shorts (boys)

Grey school-style skirt or school-style trousers (girls)


Blue and white gingham dresses for girls in summer


Feet:               Shoes (not trainers) or school-style sandals. No heels or boots

                        (during the winter months we recommend wellies to enable   

children to  play on the field)


PE kit              White T-shirt (with or without emblem)

                        Black shorts


Black jogging bottoms and top (winter only)

                        Swimming costume, hat and towel in bag (KS2 only)


An art apron (an old adult shirt will do!)



In keeping with health and safety guidelines, children should not wear any form of jewellery during the school day.  The older children may wear a watch and children with pierced ears may wear stud ear-rings only.  These should be removed or covered with tape for PE sessions.  Please ensure the children are able to do this for themselves.