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We are striving to achieve  a UNICEF Rights Respecting School Award, which means that we learn about the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child. All children are entitled to certain human rights and we need to develop a society that allows each other those rights.

About us!

We currently have 99 pupils in 4 classes. Our intake number for each year group is 15 pupils. The classes are organised in the following way:

Class Year Group Key Stage Teacher


Reception Foundation stage Ms Alison Bates

Year 1

& Year 2

Key stage 1


Mrs Alison Wroe

3 Morpurgo

Year 3

& Year 4

Key stage 2

Mrs Julie Andrews

Mrs Hazel Taylor


4 Rowling

Year 5

& Year 6

Key stage 2 Ms Ana Da Piedade

This year we have called our classes after famous authors